D L Mills Ltd.:

Darren started out with a love for farming and in 1991 aged 18 he bought his first tractor – a Roadless 118. Which he used for contracting, doing such jobs as hedge cutting and mowing. By 1994 Darren was ready to upgrade tractors to move himself forward by taking on jobs that required a more powerful machine. It was only in 1999 that a lorry was purchased (a 7.5ton 814 Mercedes Benz). Darren originally bought this lorry to transport hay and straw across to Gloucester market. It was at this time Darren was given an opportunity by James Tudge transport to go across the country delivering telephone masts for the ever increasing communications network. Darren also took on work for Woodmancote haulage delivering for Spirax sarco, Woodmancote haulage have now emmigrated to Australia but we continue to work along side Spirax. This progressed into bigger opportunities and a wider contact list where in 2002 Darren’s first employee started.


During the years of 2002 – 2007 Darren’s business continued to grow on both the agricultural and transport sides. In 2007 Darren became a private limited company running 12 vehicles, numerous farm machinery and employing 10 full time staff.


Its only in the recent year of 2012 that Darren has now bought an 18ton lorry to try and expand the business even more and to become more flexible, offering more services, to compete in a very competitive industry.